Microcitrus hybrids from Saga University, Japan
This is an unauthorised copy of interesting photos previously on the website of Saga University .  As these pages have not been accessible for several years, I have reproduced some of the information here. You can see the species hybridised, and photos where available by clicking on the thumbnails. I have corrected a few spelling errors. See notes at the bottom of this page.

I have tried several times to contact Saga University for permission to reproduce these photos - and to ask for seeds - but without success. If anyone from the University ever reads this, I would love to hear from them. I look forward to more photos, seeds, and an invitation to visit their citrus collection! Email me: info@homecitrusgrowers.co.uk

カンキツ(Citrus) × カラタチ(Poncirus     
   Hassaku × Poncirus       
   Tosabuntan × Poncirus       
   C. macroptera × Poncirus      
   Fukusyuu kinkan × Poncirus      

カンキツ(Citrus) × ミクロシトラス(Microcitrus
   Fastrimedin (導入系統)         
   Tosabuntan × M. australasica     
   Bansei orange × M. australasica       . 
   Iyokan × M.virgata     
   Tosabuntan × M. virgata      
   Tosabuntan × M. inodora       
   Iyokan × C. ichangensis       
   Miyauchi iyokan ×M. inodora     
   Miyauchi iyokan ×M. australasica     
   Citrus macroptera ×M. australasica     
   Citrus macroptera ×M. inodora    

キンカン(Fortunella )種間雑種・キンカン♀の属間雑種
   Fortunella hindsii 2x ×F. margarita      
   Fortunella margarita ×F. hindsii 2x      
   Fortunella margarita ×M. warburgiana     
   Fortunella hindsii 2x ×Atalantia ceylanica  

   Fortunella margarita ×M. australasica      

   Fortunella obovata ×Poncirus        

   Microcitrus australasica ×M. australis     

   Microcitrus australasica ×F. margarita      

   Microcitrus inodora ×M. virgata       

   Microcitrus inodora ×M. australis      

   Microcitrus inodora ×M. australasica      

   Microcitrus virgata ×M. inodora      

   Microcitrus virgata ×M. australis      

   Microcitrus warburgiana×F. margarita     

   Microcitrus virgata ×C. ichangensis      

   Microcitrus inodora ×Buntan      


   Eremocitrus glauca ×M. inodora      

This page information was retrieved with the help of www.archive.org . Many more citrus photos were available on the Saga University website up to 2011. You can study these by going to http://web.archive.org/web/*/http://extwww.cc.saga-u.ac.jp/~katayuki/HP-3/HTML/*   Filter results to '.jpg' images.
page created 6Feb2017
Some Japanese citrus names:

Tosa-Buntan = pummelo variety (Citrus grandis)

Miyauchi Iyokan = tangor  See www.citrusvariety.ucr.edu/citrus/miyauchi_iyo.html

Hassaku = pummelo hybrid   See www.citrusvariety.ucr.edu/citrus/hassaku.html

Kinkan = Kumquat
Fukusyuu kinkan × Poncirus:
Bansei orange × M. australasica:
Tosabuntan × M. inodora:
Miyauchi iyokan ×M. inodora:
Miyauchi iyokan ×M. australasica:
Citrus macroptera ×M. australasica:
Citrus macroptera ×M. inodora:
Fortunella margarita ×F. hindsii 2x:
Fortunella margarita ×M. australasica:
Fortunella obovata ×Poncirus:
Microcitrus australasica ×F. margarita:
Microcitrus inodora ×M. virgata:
Microcitrus inodora ×M. australis:
M. inodora ×M. australasica:
M. virgata ×M. inodora:
Eremocitrus glauca ×M. inodora:
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