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Derivation of Hybrid Name
(also see notes below)

Citrange C. sinensis Citrus trifoliata + Orange
Cicitrange Citrange Citrus trifoliata + Citrange
Citrandarin C. reticulata Citrus trifoliata + Mandarin
Citradia C. aurantium Citrus trifoliata + Bigaradia
Citremon C. limon Citrus trifoliata + Lemon
Citrentin C. clementina Citrus trifoliata + Clementine
Citrumelo C. paradisi Citrus trifoliata + Pomelo
Citrumquat Fortunella Citrus trifoliata + Kumquat
Cicitrange C. trifoliata Citrus trifoliata + Citrange
Citrangedin C. madurensis Citrange + Calamondin
Citrangelo C. paradisi Citrange + Pomelo
Citrangequat Fortunella Citrange + Kumquat
Citrangeremo Eremocitrus glauca Citrange + Eremocitrus
Citrangor C. sinensis Citrange + Orange
Bintangor C. reticulata x C. aurantium see note 4 below
Eremoradia Eremocitrus glauca x C. aurantium Eremocitrus + Bigaradia
Eremorange Eremocitrus glauca x C. sinensis Eremocitrus + Orange
Eremolemon Eremocitrus glauca x C. limon Eremocitrus + Lemon
Orangequat C. unshiu x (F. japonica x F. margarita) Orange + Kumquat
Ichandarin C. ichangensis x C. unshiu Ichang + Mandarin
Lemonime C. limon x C. aurantiifolia Lemon + Lime
Lemandarin C. limon x C. reticulata Lemon + Mandarin
Limequat C. aurantiifolia x Fortunella Lime + Kumquat
Procimequat Limequat x Fortunella hindsii Protocitrus + Limequat
Rofaustrime (or 'x Sydney') M. australis x Microcitrus australasica Round+Finger+Australian Lime
Siamelo C. temple x C. paradisi ?? + Pomelo
Tangelo C. reticulata x C. paradisi Tangerine + Pomelo
Tangelolo Tangelo x C. paradisi Tangelo + Pomelo
Tangor C. reticulata x C. sinensis Tangerine + Orange
Tangorgelo Tangor x C. temple Tangor + ??
1. Citrus trifoliata was the old name for Poncirus trifoliata and is now back in use.
2. Citrus bigaradia was an old name for Citrus aurantium. Bigarade is still used in France for the Bitter Orange.
3. Citrus paradisi is the grapefruit but known as 'pomelo' in some languages - not the same as pummelo, C. grandis.
4. 'Bintangor' is a place in Malaysia where this hybrid was found. As far as I can ascertain the inclusion of the word 'tangor' is a complete co-incidence. Perhaps this hybrid should be called a Tangeradia!
5. Microcitrus and Eremocitrus species are now re-united into Citrus
The naming of Citrus Hybrids
The chart on this page lists the derivations of names sometimes used for some of the hybrids of citrus species.
These names have often been in use for a long time and may utilise taxonomy which is no longer current.
Where the old botanical terms clarify how the hybrid name arises, I have retained them here - with notes at the bottom of the table.
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