The Quest for Wakonai!
part 2 of Sylvain's adventures in Papua New Guinea
Sunday 31 August:

Backup photos, films and recordings on the hard disk, shower and laundry since I have been wearing the same clothes since Tuesday and my spare clothes are in my bag between Paris and Port Moresby ...

I'm going to town to buy a local SIM card with a phone and internet package for my smartphone. I'll finally be able to communicate with the rest of the world and at least say that I arrived.

I retrieve my bag at the airport. It has finally arrived in  Port Moresby.  In the evening, first telephone contact with my family.
The red teeth in the photos are from chewing betel.
Here is my 'house':
Click photos to enlarge!
The first citrus search area - left bank of the Brown River facing north.
A typical local house:
The children who follow us:
We didn't find any citrus, but this was only meant as a trip to see the local environment.
Tuesday, September 2

I now do not have GPS but I have studied the subject enough to know the nearest point where C. Wintersii has been seen. It is the purpose of today. I can easily find the place but there is nothing - only a plant that looks like it but smaller and very thin and sparse. Very different from the pictures you see on the internet.

On the way back we find the nest of a rodent. They quickly cut themselves some spears, then set fire to the nest, but nothing comes out.
Later in a clearing we see a kangaroo (actually a wallaby), but the stupid camera focusses on the branches in the foreground!
Everyone rushed in with their improvised spears, but this time it was the kangaroo who won!

The Quest for Wakonai! here for next episode!!
Monday, 1st September:

Yesterday I was a teacher on holiday, today I am a retired teacher!  
I get on well with Eloise Sédé who works at the university security company. She has agreed to safeguard my property during my various travels.
My smartphone is stolen, together with all the citrus research information I have collected. Depressing moment.      
The thief was among the university guards.
I have decided to go to the Brown River. Everyone tells me not to go, it's too dangerous, especially alone, but duty calls!     
I have a week to find Citrus wintersii.

I get to Brown River and I am greeted by a lovely family. They receive me like I was part of the family:
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