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Monday, September 8th.
I fly to Goroka in the Highlands.
I do not have to collect citrus in this region, I'm going to do three days of sightseeing. On Friday 12th, Saturday 13th and Sunday 14th September at the site of the largest sing-sing in PNG, The Goroka Show.

I have two plans: A - a house near the ground where the sing-sing takes place, or B - a remote village in the mountains 20 km from Goroka. Obviously I chose Plan B, as I do not like cities. They are of the Cédé family.
The village is south of Goroka. Their clan (they do not say tribe) is Moussoumawé and they live the traditional way.
Also, a lot of bows, arrows, stone axes, ornaments, feathers, shells, skins and animal teeth, teeth of wild pigs and of dogs ...

Wednesday, September 10th.

A small earthquake in the night, 5-10 seconds. I felt one once before in Albania.
I cannot stand it any longer - I'll buy a smartphone in town, a Samsung Galaxy S5. I am taking some risks at the price it costs.
I start downloading all my data from the hard disk and the cloud. I get everything but the GPS maps that were only in the Galaxy S2.
I can now communicate with the outside world. 
Thursday, September 11th.
I am brought a lumpy, bumpy citron. Acid pulp without interest, sweet and nice skin. Tree 6m tall. A citrus variety which had not been foreseen on my list.
Work in progress!!
Arrival of a Papuan Citron. I recognised it immediately! So now two found out of the five being sought - plus one unknown variety.
From the Citrus Variety Collection, Riverside, California:
A small round citron with a prominant nipple. Rind medium yellow, often ridged from base to apex. Rind relatively thin for a citron. Pulp light yellow, moderately juicy, extremely sour. Very seedy.  Papuan appears from its fleshy flowers to be a hybrid, but molecular marker studies show that it’s a pure citron.

My hostess holding the Papuan Citron in front of the hut where I'm living.
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The next page is a slide-show of Sylvain's photos of the preparations for the Sing-Sing at Goroka, and the next two days of the event. Click here!
And taken that evening some photos of the main hut:

The Quest for Wakonai!
part 5 of Sylvain's adventures in Papua New Guinea

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Tuesday, September 9th.
I go to Goroka to buy tickets for the show.Tour of the craft market. 100 metres of bilum,  pronounced biloom, the traditional bag that everyone carries.