Sunday, 14th September
I decide to re-film preparations for the last day of the sing-sing. I tell them that this time I won't ask each time, and they should ignore my presence.
The results are a little better.
I have put these photos into another slide-show, which is 'page 8' of this story. Click here!
During the three days of the Goroka sing-sing, Sylvain took several videos. They are high definition and require a fairly fast internet connection. I found they worked best using Internet Explorer as the browser, but it is better to download them completely before playing.
page created 11th December 2014                          Goroka-show-1
Hagen.mp4                                           Hagen
Festnoz-Papou.mp4                          Festnoz-Papou
After the sing-sing people begin to dance. The Bretons are (almost) beaten!
Editor's note:
A fest-noz is a traditional dancing festival in Brittany.
Prepa-2.mp4                                         Prepa-2
Goroka-Show-3.mp4                          Goroka-Show-3
So now a quarter of the journey is over!

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These videos are smaller files, but lower quality
The Quest for Wakonai!
part 7 of Sylvain's adventures in Papua New Guinea

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